Helium Leak Testing Techniques for Industry. Leak detection techniques . ... 3 Leak detector. 4 Helium. 5 Auxiliary Pump System . 1. 2. Global Detection. Leak Detection Jig and blank manufacturing services from customer drawings and specifications. On-site Helium Leak Testing of non-transportable systems or equipment. Test certification provided with traceability to National Standards, reporting services available. Engineers and Leak Detection / Pumping equipment can be provided.

Helium leak testing is generally more sensitive than using pressure decay techniques. Pressure decay also does not allow you to pinpoint the specific location of the leak using a tracer gas. Leak Detection Methods. Vacuum: The equipment to be tested is evacuated using the leak detector or the leak detector in conjunction with a larger roughing ... Helium GO NO-GO Helium Leak Detection Systems The right test method for every application In helium leak detection, a distinction is made between two different test methods – local and integral leak detection. Testing is performed with the aid of sniffer or vacuum leak detection under either of these fundamental concepts. Integral leak detection Local leak detection For systems that specify the total leak rate, Precision helium leak detection will verify the integrity of components, and keep your equipment operating efficiently. Helium leak checking your system can significantly speed up your process, and ultimately save you money. We have over thirty years of experience and we provide all of the equipment, too.