I had the same problem, and I solved it by installing nfs-common in every Kubernetes nodes. apt-get install -y nfs-common My nodes were installed without nfs-common. Kubernetes will ask each node to mount the NFS into a specific directory to be available to the pod. As mount.nfs was not found, the mounting process failed. Good luck! Feb 28, 2018 · Tocuh a file inside /dockerdata-nfs directory on the Kubernetes Master and check to see if the same file is found under /dockerdata-nfs on all Kubernetes worker nodes. Unmount the share directory. Use the lazy (-l) option on Kubernetes worker nodes to force unmount the mount point. For example, sudo umount -l /dockerdata-nfs

This is a generic discussion on how should we support filesystem mount options. We currently support network filesystems: NFS, Glusterfs, Ceph FS, SMB (Azure file), Quobytes. Mount time options that are operationally important and have n...Jan 20, 2017 · It is the convention used by mount command. Since this solution only supported a subset of filesystem options, it is not subject to mount option changes. Arguably, the mount options are only for expert user who understand what they do. The mount options API object defaults to none. Primary contact (assignee): @gnufied; Responsible SIGs: Storage