I'm gonna be moving towards the end of march to work, so I'm looking for someone to sublet. It's at Domus (34th and Chestnut), 2 bed 2 bath, full kitchen & laundry, 3 roommates, a little less than $1000 a month. Hello! I'm a newly admitted ED student, but I'm heavily disappointed at the lack of financial aid that I expected. I relied on my FAFSA EFC of approximately a $1000 and the Upenn Net Price Calculator of around $10,000 to "demonstrate my need" that Upenn promises to meet for every student. (UPDATED 2020) Introduction to the Math 114 Plug and Chug Series ; The Plug and Chug Series OneNote Notebook for Math 114 (download and open, must have OneNote) Chapter 12 - Vectors and the Geometry of Space

MATH 144 and MATH 146 are introduced to better serve the needs of students taking the calculus-based PHYS 144 and PHYS 146. MATH 144 and MATH 146 cover the same material as MATH 114 and MATH 115, respectively, but with motivation and examples drawn from the physical sciences.