My brother and I have been shiny hunting for a little while now on gen 3 and 4 where the rate is still 1/8192, and we both feel like that was the perfect rate for getting shiny pokemon. The Pokemon Go shiny odds are roughly 1 in 450. This means that every time you tap on a Pokemon to catch it in Pokemon Go - if it has a shiny version - there is a 1 in 450 chance it will be shiny. Aug 05, 2019 · The big thing about Rayquaza returning is actually less about having a chance to catch a powerful Pokemon. It’s way more about finally catching the shiny variant! Shiny Rayquaza drops the primary green coloring for a striking and devious black hue. As with previous shiny legendary raids, the Rayquaza shiny rate stands at 1/20 (1 in 20).

Friend Safari Pokemon have the exact same chance as wild pokemon to be shiny. The chance is 1/8192 everywhere. And, as shininess is supposed to be rare, and lowering shiny rate makes shiny pokemon less special, the chances are not going to be much better any time soon. 2015-09-15T20:39:51+00:00. Log in to comment. Show Me Shiny. The original version of had a great 6-year run. We're re-building it to make it even better.