TV Signal Locator. This tool will analyze your location to determine which broadcast television signals are available in your area. It will compute the expected signal strength for every channel "in the air" at your location, including adjustments for transmitter power, terrain obstructions, curvature of the Earth, and other factors that affect signal availability.

Aug 31, 2016 · Set up the TV signal directly from a cable TV wall jack, or from a set-top box using an IR blaster Note that the channels available using this method will vary depending on region, and you'll likely need to manually add some channels in Media Center in order to tune them properly. Welcome to the home of the #1 rated Indoor HDTV Antenna! ... Mohu Air 60 Attic / Outdoor HDTV Antenna ... Mohu Basic 50 Indoor HDTV Antenna (with Risk-Free TV ... My dad picked up the remote, smashing his fingers along the buttons while focused on the screen. He somehow took off sound (easy to fix), and decided