The beauty of this superset programme is that you are training opposing muscles during the superset so you are still able to give maximal effort or near maximum effort in each exercise. Doing your superset this way means you will increase strength in both exercises and it also helps ensure you balance opposing muscle groups.

Supersets are simply sets which include 2 exercises performed on after the other. For example, you would perform X reps of exercise 1 and then Y reps of exercise too immediately after. This workout is specifically designed for your shoulders, using supersets to help you really blow them up, giving you those boulder shoulders you’ve visualised ... How to Adjust the Workout. The volume and intensity laid out here are probably best-suited to more advanced trainers, but feel free to adjust them to suit your ability. Beginning lifter: Only perform the triset and the first superset. Also, add 2 reps to each set in all exercises. So, perform 8 reps per set in the triset, and 10 in the superset.