The Woody Show began on January 3, 2006 at Live 105 in San Francisco, California with Jeff "Woody" Fife, Tony Mott, and Renae Ravey. Greg Gory and Jason "Menace" McMurray later joined The Woody Show from other positions at Live 105. Discover the latest Stories on The Woody Show. Toggle navigation. HOME ... Tom Delonge hangs with Menace about the upcoming Angels and Airwaves Tour, Album and Area 51.

Broadcasting weekday mornings from 5 to 10 a.m., The Woody Show is highly-interactive, socially-engaging appointment radio. Featuring Woody, along with co-hosts Ravey, Greg, Menace and Sebas, The Woody Show is described by listeners as “authentic,” “raw," “unapologetic,” and “recess/happy hour on t The Woody show, anchored by twenty year radio veteran, Jeff “Woody” Fife, came to Alt 98.7 in April 2014 from St Louis, where they had held the No. 1 position in key demos during their tenure in the market. Prior to that, the show had success in Chicago and San Francisco. The Woody show is a grouping of real-life friends, who exude a ... The Woody show is the only real morning show. They interact so well with eachother, and become very hilarious Registered users can respond publicly to this rating 9/2/08: 5 : I changed from listening to the "T-Man" show to The Woody Show. Might I say it is a lot better.